Kinky Afro – Happy Mondays

  • First Appearance: January 19, 1991
  • Weeks on the Chart: 1
  • Album: Pill ‘N’ Thrills and Bellyaches
  • Have I heard this song before (pre-listen)? No.
  • Have I actually heard this song before? No.

First and foremost, the name of the album is stylized in a way that makes my head hurt. Everywhere I could find it, it was Pills ‘N’ [sic] Thrills and Bellyaches. Why it had a capital ‘n’ inside the single quotes, and used both an ‘N’ and “and” are totally beyond me. But then, I suppose there’s no use in being a grammar pedant when talking about music. Especially when one of my favorite bands is Wilco who’s lyrics often make no good grammatical or semantic sense.

The relevant track, Kinky Afro was just a little weird, to be honest. Kind of forgettable, and not interesting in any real way. The rest of the album was interesting. The album still kind of reeks of the 80s with more synths and drum kits than I’d like, but it feels like it’s on the edge of something new. There are hints of later U2 here, and some foreshadowing of the alt rock we’ll see really emerge in the next few years.

The rest of the album is kind of cool. It really spans genres ranging from dancy, to funky, to just alternative/indie.