Get the Message – Electronic

  • First Appearance: June 22, 1991
  • Weeks on the Chart: 2
  • Album: Electronic
  • Have I heard this song before (pre-listen)? No?
  • Have I actually heard this song before? No.

This band has very bad SEO.

When I wrote that, before I listened to the album, a small part of me hoped that I wouldn’t have anything else to say about the album. That is not the case. The band was formed by former members of New Order and The Smiths, and was active from the late-80s to late-90s.

If you had told me that this band was a cutting edge band from the late 70s I would have believed you. If you’d told me the rode in with new-wave and synth in the mid 80s, I’d have believed you. If you told me this band came out of the early 2010s along with the likes of VHS vs. Beta, I’d have believed you.

Despite being very stylized, maybe even because of it, their music seems like it could have been written nearly any time in the last 40 years.

Getting Away With It may be the more familiar song to you on this album, but it’s certainly worth a listen, assuming you can find it.