On Free Seedlings in Mississippi

Mississippi’s Forestry Commission may provide free seedlings to farmers and schools.

(1) To encourage better land use, to assist in controlling headwaters, to prevent soil erosion, to help increase community and individual farm incomes, and to assist schools in forest education and timber management, the Mississippi Forestry Commission is hereby authorized to produce and make available to farm owners and to schools of this state, having lands contiguous to the school site suitable for reforestation, free commercial tree seedlings not to exceed five thousand (5,000) trees per farm owner per year, and not to exceed five thousand (5,000) trees per school, providing the farm owner or owners and school trustees desiring such seedlings enter into a cooperative agreement with the state forestry commission assuring the commission of the proper planting, care, and protection of all seedlings thus furnished from fire and wasteful cutting The minimum number of seedlings furnished any consignee under this section shall not be less than one thousand (1,000).

There may be a penalty of up to $10.00 per thousands trees that are planted in violation of the section.