On Selling Potatoes in North Dakota

I may have to do a multi-part series on this law. North Dakota has a relatively lengthy statute regarding the sale of potatoes. You can read the entire law here.

In the mean time here’s one delightful section:

A person is guilty of a class A misdemeanor and subject to a civil penalty in an amount up to five hundred dollars per violation . . . if the person:

1. Makes any false statement or report as to the grade, condition, markings, quality, or quantity of potatoes received or delivered, or acts in a manner designed to deceive the consignor or purchaser of the potatoes;

2. Breaches any contract for the purchase or sale of potatoes to which the person was a party unless the breach is based on a state inspection certificate, secured with reasonable promptness after receipt of the shipment and showing that the kind or quality of potatoes is not that which was purchased or ordered;

3. Fails to account for potatoes or to pay for potatoes within the time required by this chapter

It goes on for several more paragraphs afterwards. But breaching a contract regarding the sale of potatoes is a criminal misdemeanor in North Dakota.